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Let’s travel with YUWWI

Yuwwi’s story begins in Calcutta, India.The great-grandfather was brought from India to Suriname as a plantation slave. After settling in Suriname, the countries independence struggle began. The independence of Suriname brought one more time a lot of uncertainty and pain. 

The grandfather wanted a safe and secure future for everyone. That is why he came with the family to the Netherlands for a better future as a refugee. 

In the Netherlands the grandchildren grew up in this beautiful city Rotterdam. Growing up in Rotterdam the grandchildren went back to India to find their roots.

It was in India where they gained a true appreciation for the craft & process watching artisans coveted items of beauty & sentiment.

The Journey

Yuwwi was founded in 2017.

First we started to work with brands that made handmade products. We have continued to build on this to start working together with suppliers who made fairmade products and who made a contribution to the society

After these collaborations we wanted to create our own identity.

With this identity we wanted to mean something to the society, but also to provide a health benefit for the consumer.

This has been a long quest that eventually brought us to Kathmandu, Nepal.


Together with the artisans a jewelry line was created in which the different cultures can still be found, which the ancestors left behind.

This has led to a jewelry line that not only radiates elegance but also has a healing effect on the body.

Our products are handmade or fairmade making it safe for everyday use.


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