About us

Dear Shining Stars

We want you to take a look into the journey of YUWWI

First of all we thank you for your interest in our path!

Second of all we started as a jeweller which makes a difference in the feeling by wearing YUWWI products.

YUWWI stands for pure women which accept themselves for who they are.

We believe that all women are unique and are able to create their own identity!

We love colourful souls which can be seen in our identity.

Red stands for the combinator and power.

White stands for the purity and the completeness.

These two colours resulted in the hot pink colour of our Lotus flower.

The Lotus flower represents a lot, but the most imported it reminds us our customers and people’s respect.

YUWWI believes you can Sparkle and Shine choosing our products with your own taste.

Adding the ingredients to finish off your outfit, is what we do!

Eye-catching details in jewellery and accessories for any women is what we offer!

Click to go to shop and see how we can be part of your journey as you be part in ours!