Jewels care


Taking care of your jewelry will help ensure its beauty, luster and longevity. After some time Stainless steel can tarnish when exposed to the open air. Do not worry, tarnishing is a natural process and can easily be cleaned. We recommend to put off your jewelry before taking a shower, hot tub, pool or when washing hands. Also we advice you to remove jewelry when doing any physical activity. Contact with harsh chemicals will result in compromising the integrity of your jewelry. Chlorine, cleaning agents, salt water, perfumes and silver polish can speed up the oxidation process. Perfume can cause discoloration on jewelry. Wait at least five minutes after applying perfume before you put on your jewelry.


  • Use warm water and mild soap
  • Polish chain with a soft cloth or polishing cloth
  • Always dry the jewelry before storing
  • Always apply makeup, hairspray, lotions and other cosmetics before putting on your necklace.
  • Store each piece individually in a velvet pouch or in plastic because these materials help protect against scratches


  • Take off your bracelets and rings before washing your hands
  • Always keep your bracelets and rings away from water and soap, as well as detergents and deodorants.
  • Water is especially harmful for silk, so be sure to protect silk-threaded bangles against exposure to water.



Keep sparkling and shining because you look fabulous 😉 !